2010 World Junior Track & Field Championships Moncton Canada

10klm  Dane  5th place  new P.B. 41mins.32secs
Coaches  Profiles
    Dane Bird-Smith DaneBirdSmith1


AUSTRALIAN U20  10klm Track Record 41:02   Feb 2011

Dane is a Lvl 3  AA &  AT&FCA Coach and is Senior First Aid certified . He holds a current Queensland "Blue Card" .
Dane is 4 time Australian Representative in the Sydney Youth Olympics Jan 09, World Youth Track & Field Championships , Bressanone , Italy 09 , World walking Cup , Mexico 2010, World junior Track & Field Championships , Moncton , Canada , 2010. 5th Place
Dane is the current National U20 Champion over 10klm . He is a also a member of the National 4 x 400 Track Relay Team for 2010.

Yue Guo Yue_1

Yue is a Lvl 2 AA & AT&FCA coach specialising with working with young girls in their transition through to Senior ranks . Yue is also Senior First Aid accredited and holds a current Qld Blue Card . She has worked with St Peters Lutheran College with X-Country and Track & field for the last two years .

          Dave Smith
Lvl 5 AT&FCA Senior Coach ( Walks )
QT&FCA Junior Coach of the YEAR 2010
Dave Smith is a Dual Olympian and a Lvl 5 AT&FCA Coach with the Australian Track & Field Coaches Association. He is fully accredited with Athletics Australia and has worked for over ten years as University of Queensland Track & Field Coach .  He is an accredited Queensland BLUE Card holder.
Dave has held many Australian Titles and Records whilst competing but most importantly , he has helped hundreds of athletes in Queensland and across Australia to achieve State and National medals over all distances , running and walking .
He is currently working with St Peters Lutheran College to develop and train their X-Country athletes and the Track & Field Squads . He has spent an extended period with the AIS in Canberra ( 80's ) and has recently returned from coaching the STH KOREAN  National Womens Racewalking Team ( 2009 ) .
Dave offers SportZ Management , Coaching , Planning and Preparation for Schools , Colleges and Athletics Clubs
Dave is currently the Vice President of Racewalking Australia ( affiliated with Athletics Australia )

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